Boundless vista the lifetime love


海闊天空 boundless vista of life


Music: Wong Ka Kui
Lyric: Wong Ka kui
Vocal: Beyond


今天我 寒夜裡看雪飄過

Right now, watching the snow fall during a cold night


I wander far away clutching my frozen heart

風雨裡追趕 霧裡分不清影蹤

through wind and rain I chase my dreams, unable to see their traces through the fog


天空海闊你與我 可會變 (誰沒在變)

In the boundless vista of life, will you and me change ? (Who is not changing?)

多少次 迎著冷眼與嘲笑

How many times have people ridiculed me?


Yet I haven’t given up on my dreams

一剎那恍惚 若有所失的感覺

In a moment of trance, I feel I have lost

不知不覺已變淡 心裡愛 (誰明白我)

unconsciously, the love in my heart has faded away. (who understands me?)



please forgive my self-indulgent love of freedom



I’m just afraid of failure

背棄了理想 誰人都可以

anyone can throw away their dreams,


I won’t be afraid if the day comes where it is just you and I

仍然自由自我 永遠高唱我歌 走遍千里

I still want to be free and march for one thousand miles, singing my songs loud


一生中最愛 love of a lifetime

主唱 : 譚詠麟


Music: Sky Wu
Lyric: Hoeng Syut Waai
Vocal: Alan Tam


如果癡癡的等某日 終於可等到一生中最愛

If the passion lasts till the day when the lifetime love finally comes


誰介意你我這段情 每每碰上了意外不清楚未來

Who cares about accidents and unknown future in our love?

何曾願意 我心中所愛 每天要孤單看海

never before did someone want my heart

everyday I looked out towards the sea in solitude

* 寧願一生都不說話 都不想講假說話欺騙你

It would be better to not say anything my whole life than deceive you with lies

留意到你我這段情 你會發覺間隔著一點點距離

If you examine our relationship, you will notice a distance has been growing bit by bit between us.

無言地愛 我偏不敢說 說一句想跟你一起 Ooh…

Our love is wordless… I dare not speak that I want to be with you. ooh


# 如真 如假 如可分身飾演自己

Real, fake, if I could play that part,


I would give only you, my only intimate friend, the tenderness from my heart

如癡 如醉 還盼你懂珍惜自己

As infatuated, as intoxicated, I hope you take care of yourself

有天即使分離我都想你 我真的想你

Even if the day comes when we are apart, I will miss you, I do miss you.


Repeat * # #

如果癡癡的等某日 終於可等到一生中最愛

If the passion lasts till the day when the lifetime love finally comes